City Workers Sewerage

Trade Association Counsel

Advising Trade Associations

General Operations Advisory

  • Contract structure and negotiation

  • Purchase and lease of real estate

  • Joint ventures and development agreements

  • Independent contractor agreements for outside consultants

  • Vendor agreements

  • Privacy and data protection

  • Copyrights and trademarks

  • Licensing Agreements


  • Board size and structure

  • Bylaws and Policy drafting and updating

  • Reporting obligations to members, government/public authorities and others

  • Company records maintenance and review

  • Officer and director duties

  • Office and director performance/incentive compensation

  • Conflicts of interest

  • Compliance best practices, including auditing and training

  • Related party transactions

  • Indemnification, Insurance and risk management

  • Member rights and obligation

Employment Matters

  • Employment agreements

  • Confidentiality, non-compete and non-solicitation agreements

  • Succession planning

  • Incentive compensation arrangements

  • Deferred compensation

  • Profit sharing plans

  • Employment policies and handbooks

  • Training other employee education programs

  • Investigations

  • Employment related litigation