SZ Attends Spring 2022 LawPact Conference

The LawPact 2022 Spring Conference was held in Miami, Florida recently. There were 55 attorneys in attendance from 35 member firms including SZ attorneys, Kathy Speaker MacNett and Nathan Berry.

An international association and network of independent business law firms, LawPact is comprised of 65 member firms representing 600 attorneys in 28 countries.The semi-annual conference enables members to come together to learn from presentations, participate in group discussions, and network during social engagements. There were presentations on Building Impactful and Meaningful Cultures, Ditch the Pitch, and the benefits of using LinkedIn. Robust discussions followed the presentations bridging the relevance to their own firms. Social events created opportunities to greet new and old members while establishing strong relationships. The next meeting of LawPact will take place in September 2022 in Vienna, Austria.

The LawPact organization was co-founded by SkarlatosZonarich to create a legal forum for law firms to share, learn, and collaborate with one another. In this way, member firms are able to establish themselves as industry leaders, through a network of like firms sharing referrals, information, and best practices.

For more information on how the SZ Business Team can support your legal business needs, contact Kathy Speaker MacNett or Nathan Berry.