Labor and Employment


Representation of Private, Public and Non-Profit Employers in:

  • Providing preventative advice related to employee:

o    Hiring, retaining, downsizing, and firing 

  • Handling litigation, mediations, arbitrations, and investigations

  • Defending employers before state and federal courts and state and federal administrative agencies on civil matters:

o    Employment discrimination

  •    Discrimination/Harassment against legally protected classes (EEOC/PHRC)​

    • Wage and hour (FLSA/PMWA/FMLA) and Child Labor Laws

    • Unemployment and Workers' Compensation

  •      Unfair Labor Practices (NLRB/PLRB)

    • Reviewing/Drafting/Litigating Employment and Independent Contractor Agreements, Restrictive Covenants,Non-Solicitation Agreements, and Releases

    • Defending against union organizing drives and securing strike injunctions

    • Conducting compliance training in labor/employment matters for:

      • Managers, Supervisors, and Employees 

  • Conducting Due Diligence for labor and employment matters related to business restructuring and WARN