SkarlatosZonarich Breakfast Series

SkarlatosZonarich is partnering with Harristown Enterprises to host a complimentary breakfast series, relating to hot Employment Law topics. November 21st is the next date in the monthly Series, designed to be both interactive and informative, will be held at the offices of SkarlatosZonarich beginning at 8:30 AM with Networking/Breakfast. The Program will continue from 8:45 AM - 10 AM.

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Pennsylvania Wage And Hour Regulation More Costly Than The Federal

In the last EALERT, we discussed the change in the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”), increasing the salary threshold for the so-called White-Collar exemptions from the payment of overtime for Executive, Administrative and Professional employees to $684 weekly effective January 1, 2020.  However, as you may already know, employers must comply with both the FLSA and the state wage and hour law, which ensures that the employee receives the more favorable treatment under either federal or state law.  In some instances, the federal law is more favorable to the employee.  In other instances, the state law is more favorable to the employee.

The New Federal Wage and Hour Regulation Increases the Salary Threshold

On September 24, 2019, after several false starts and a court injunction, the U.S. Department of Labor released the new FLSA regulation increasing the salary threshold for the so-called “White Collar” or EAP or 541 Exemptions.  The “White Collar” Exemptions allow an employer to avoid payment of overtime to an employee making or exceeding a specified salary level if the duties of that employee involve certain high-level functions.  White collar exemptions are generally available for those employees in otherwise non-exempt industries, who fall within the FLSA regulation’s description of Executive, Administrative or Professional employees.  Highly-compensated employees and Computer employees, as defined by the FLSA, fall within special provisions of the FLSA, but those exemptions are not available under all state laws including the Pennsylvania Minimum Wage Act.  If an exemption is not applicable to an employee, an employer is responsible for paying 1.5 times an employee’s regular rate of pay for hours worked in excess of 40 in any individual workweek. 

Virginia Licensure for John B. Zonarich

Recently, John B. Zonarich was admitted to practice law in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The admission took place at a ceremony on June 4 at the Supreme Court of Virginia, Richmond, VA. This serves as the fourth state in which John B. is licensed to practice law, together with PA, NJ and West Virginia. The firm’s practice has now expanded into Virginia.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Officially Welcomes SkarlatosZonarich to the Bowman Towers in Harrisburg

On May 31, a red ribbon cutting ceremony took place to celebrate the relocation of  the law firm, SkarlatosZonarich. The newly designed offices are located at 320 Market Street on the 6th floor of the Bowman Towers at Strawberry Square in Harrisburg, PA. The official welcome came from Mayor Eric Papenfuse and Brad Jones of Harristown, joined by the managing members and staff of SkarlatosZonarich.

Historic recipe: Harrisburg law firm

preserves piece of Market Square

Hoping to preserve a piece of the past from 21 S. Second St., while looking ahead to the joint future of the site, Zonarich presented Harristown’s president and CEO, Brad Jones, with a framed stained-glass transom window with the No. 21 on it. That piece of glass was pulled from the rubble of the demolished building, one of the oldest buildings in the city, and firm paralegal Carol Viney restored the glass.

SkarlatosZonarich on the Move

SkarlatosZonarich has relocated to the Bowman Tower on Market Street in Harrisburg. The law firm moved to accommodate its continued growth, while staying true to their roots. In Harrisburg since 1966, the firm was established by Angelo Skarlatos. As a progressive and innovative practice that values the needs of clients, SZ is committed serving businesses, individuals, associations and government throughout the United States. 

Harrisburg Rated in Top 5 Cities

for Growth in America

The city of Harrisburg was listed as one of the top five cities for growth by U-Haul in 2018. This was based on migration data by the company over during year. The data is based on one way rentals headed to the cities. The other cities that join Harrisburg in the top rankings include: Sacarmento, CA,  Manhattan, NY,  Spring, Texas, and Grand Rapids, MI.