We are located on the 6th floor of the Bowman Tower which is located in Strawberry Square at 320 Market St., Suite 600W, Harrisburg, PA 17101.
Reserved parking is offered in the Harrisburg University Parking Garage located at 11 N 4th Street, Harrisburg.


The following are directions for parking at Harrisburg University:

  1. The garage entrance is on the left if coming from Market Street or on the right if coming from Walnut Street (below is a picture of the entrance).

  2. Once in the garage, go through the gate and collect your parking ticket. Please bring your ticket to our office for validation.

  3. The SkarlatosZonarich reserved parking spot will be straight ahead. If the parking spot is full, feel free to use any parking spot. Be sure to note your floor number.

  4. Use the Kiosk at the elevators. Select “1 Lobby” and the Kiosk will direct you to the appropriate elevator.

  5. Once on the first floor, you will go down the hall through Harrisburg University until you reach the glass doors into Strawberry Square. Across the hall you will see the sign for Bowman Tower and SkarlatosZonarich.

  6. Proceed through the glass doors and take the elevators to the 6th floor. Our      receptionist will buzz you in and provide parking ticket validation.

Returning to the Garage

  1. Once on the1st floor, proceed through the glass doors. Across the hall to the left are the doors for Harrisburg University. Continue through the doors.

  2. Follow the hall to the kiosk and elevators.

  3. Before proceeding to the elevator, use the credit-card payment machine located on the right immediately before the elevators (pictured below). Insert your original parking ticket then the ticket provided by the receptionist (designated with “2”). The machine will provide a paid receipt ticket. That ticket will be needed to exit the garage.

  4. Select the parking level into the kiosk and the kiosk will direct you to the appropriate elevator.

  5. Upon leaving the garage, scan your paid receipt ticket.

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